Eco Friendly Hammock Made From Seatbelts!

Here’s a more brilliant idea for re-using and keeping our mother earth safer, an “eco” hammock made from recycled seatbelts!  Now, this one will cost you $585 but I am already getting some good ideas on what to do with old seatbelts I bought at my local flea market…

Don’t need a hammock?  Try these pillows made from recycled seatbelts!

Like TING pillows, made from reclaimed seatbelt webbing. Weather resistant. Rope & mounting hardware included. TING has always worked to produce the highest quality products with minimal environmental impact. This was Inghua Ting’s inspiration when she founded TING in 2000. Having worked designing innovative, technological fabrics, Inghua realized she was increasingly drawn to the possibilities of re-using existing but often ignored and overlooked materials in new ways. Motivated to re-use and recycle these materials and the challenge to produce attractive, practical bags; Inghua has succeeded in making luxury products that are sustainable, functional and uber-cool.

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