Listening DIY – How to Listen to the User and Become a Better Communicator!

I still regret the fact that I didn’t switch to communication major while going to college, ended up with a computer engineering degree and years of boredom in all-male classes.  Well, ironically, I ended up in my favorite major, blogging, all the while making use of my engineering degree too.

Here’s some great tips on how to become a great communicator by listening more:

Active Listening consists of a set of communication techniques that were originally developed by psychotherapists as a way of getting their clients to feel safe and open up. This involved establishing rapport and trust by demonstrating care and a genuine desire to listen. Since its original development for psychotherapy, Active Listening has also been used for a wide variety of professions that rely on interpersonal communication. These professions include educators, law enforcement (particularly hostage negotiators), customer service, salespeople, and business professionals.

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