Laptop DIY – How to Make an Acrylic Bubble Laptop Stand for under $10!

For those of you tinkerers who want to create your own laptop stand out of acrylic, here’s a great idea on how to make an acrylic bubble laptop stand for under $10.  Not only the bubbles provide good airflow for the bottom of your laptop, I can already see 100 different variations on the different types of laptop stands you can make here.

Everyone is always making laptop stands that, albeit functional, are rather hideous to look at. This becomes less than ideal when you consider that typically, when the laptop is not on the stand, you have to look at it. I wanted to fix this problem by making a laptop stand that was sleek, stylish, inexpensive and kept my laptop cool. With this in mind, I arrived at wicked cool laptop stand that can be made for under $10. The best part is that not only is it cheap, but it’s also dead easy to make.

via instructables


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