Solar DIY – How to Make a Solar Powered Roof Gutter Water Barrel!

Here in California, it’s freakin’ sunny as hell during the summer and in the winter, it rains like a mothufooko.  Anyways, I’ve been working on my friend’s lawn and they have no lawn sprinkler nor do they want to spend the money on it.  Every summer, that lawn gets dried up like crazy and I’ve always thought there’s gotta be a good way to re-use the water that you get during the spring, specifically the water thats coming down your roof gutter.

Well, I am in look as I found this awesome DIY that shows you how to make a solar-powered roof-gutter eating water barrels that can hold 1700 lbs. of rain water.  There’s even an overflow system, water filter, and a pump that will use the sun’s power so you can water all your plants while saving earth and money!

Kudos, this is just what I needed, not that I am building one right now, perhaps before the winter begins this year.

A “Green” way of using rainwater with the convenience of city water.
The twin 85 gallon barrels are raised onto a very sturdy 4×4 box assembly held together with 5 1/2″ long 3/8″ carriage bolts because the total weight of all the water when full is aprox 1700lbs. This frame is resting on eight 2 inch thick 18″ square cement pads to prevent sinking. The barrels are raised to increase the head pressure and decrease the work load on the pump. The attached pump enables you to water plants even when the water in the barrels falls below the height of the nozzle used to water.

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