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Well, we have a new investor to our company and we are hiring some new bloggers in these hard economic times.  Please refer to the Problogger job board if you are interested.  This isn’t exactly the best of the world in terms of pay but if you are a good, fast blogger, it might be some easy money for you plus there will be bonus incentives for those who can blog well( and fast).

We are looking for fun and enthusiastic freelance writers/journalists that can generate a minimum of 2 articles per day (min. 500 words each) during every business day — 5 days a week.

The subject matter is a blend of imports cars/performance parts OR gadgets and technology. (2 Bloggers wanted for each, and

Much of the content you will generate can be based on daily events and news over the blogsphere using social networking tools like RSS and Twitter.

This is really important, so we’re repeating it: you must be able to commit to 2 articles per week day. If you cannot, please do not respond.

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