Action Hero Vests with Shotgun Ammo!

Damon Bonser just sent me these spy-shots of Action Hero vests they will be launching in 3 weeks, basically cool tank-tops with shotgun ammos realistically drawn in the shirts.  I have to say, you will definitely feel like a super-hero, just don’t wear it before you get on the plane to New York, they might think you actually have ammo on you from far away.  Also note that these awesome shirts come in DVD-like packaging, perfect as gift to your (hopefully not) aspiring young cop.

I am not a fan of cops in general but I am a fan of Die Hard replica vests here too.

Thanks Damon for the heads up on the cool stuff!

We have just uploaded details of another of our new lines which launches in 3 weeks onto our site, they are our range of Action Hero Vests – clothing dedicated to vest wearing movie action heroes from the 70’s and 80’s and inspired by iconic moments from “Rambo”, “Enter The Dragon” and “Die Hard”.


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