WOW… This is Police Abuse PLEASE!


WOW… this is something that shouldn’t happen, please DO LET PEOPLE SWEAR YOU STUPID PIGS!  OMG!!!  That cop should be fired for swearing himself, dumbass.

In Lincoln Park, Calif. Michigan, a 17-year-old called 911 when her father (recovering at home from brain surgery) had a seizure. Her first call didn’t go through, so the panicked girl hung up and tried again. While the phone was still ringing, the girl said “what the fuck.” Apparently 911 calls are recorded even while the phone is ringing, so the police officer heard her say it. When the officer answered the call, he was only interested in the fact that the girl said “fuck” and wouldn’t help the girl. Instead, he swears at her and hangs up.

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