#StunGunAbuse Prison Officer Zaps Children with a 50K Stun Gun!

This is what’s wrong with America, stun guns that let law enforcers to use freely at will, including prison officers who “zap” children to teach them a lesson?

NO, it doesn’t make sense, please don’t zap ANYONE for no reason.  You should only really use it when it’s completely necessary, and tasering a naked man is stupid too.

I say it’s time for us citizens of America to stand up and make a new law that will incriminate any police officers who use it in situations where it’s not even needed.

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Prison officer Walter Schmidt zapped visiting children with a 50,000-volt stun gun to give them a taste of life in a Florida jail. Two of the kids were knocked screaming to the floor with burns on their arms. One child went to the hospital.

“It wasn’t intended to be malicious, but educational,” said Schmidt. “The big shock came when I got fired.”

As for the officer, what an idiot he is, I am glad he’s fired so he can “taser” people for fun.

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