Twitter DIY – How to Stumble Twitter Like StumbleUpon!


Well, I apologize to my readers for lack of posts, my full attention has been gone toward Twitterland(Watch this video that explains what happened to me last couple days), I have been working 24/7 on a new site called StumbleTweets, it let’s you stumble Twitter like StumbleUpon, except it’s a lot better and uses tweets to find interesting new sites in “real-time”.

If you get bored stumbling old, outdated stuff on StumbleUpon, try Stumble Tweets as it will rejuvenate your life and let you stumble only the most recent, interesting sites.

I won’t bore you with details but here’s couple links that might help you that I’ve written on my .biz blog:

Even if you are not a Twitter, you can still browse interesting sites using StumbleTweets, try it yourself here:

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