Best Air Mouse Review!

I’ve seen more needs for an air mouse these days, especially if you like to hook up your computer to your HDTV in your bedroom and surf the web from your bed.

For exactly that purpose of lazying computing, you will want to consider getting an air mouse, which will work great on any surface or air.

Here’s a couple air mice on the market that might be worth getting:


The Gyrotransport Air mouse uses gyration to control the cursor, this is pretty much like the iPhone except you only use it as a mouse.  At $59.99, I don’t see how you can lose with this one, especially because it can fit in your pocket or even your keychain.  For bed computing, this might just be perfect for getting to that snazzy website right before bed.


The Logitech MX Air Mouse is another step beyond the previous air mouse, it features many, many buttons you can customize to your liking such as shortcuts to your favorite blogs such as (HAHAHA!)  This mouse might be for those of you bed geeks who need a little more functionality.

This mouse works up to about 30 feet and battery lasts 20 hours so it can also replace your regular desktop mouse too.


The Gyration GYM2100NA Air Mouse resembles your regular ol’ desktop mouse, except it’s an “air” mouse.  One of the most prominent features of this mouse is that it will work up to 100 feet with no line-of-sight restrictions, meaning you can have a big steel wall between you and your computer.

Definitely, my best choice would have to be this one since I am really sensitive to distance, I like to make sure I can control my livingroom computer from my kitchen.

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