Top 5 Cool Twitter Hacked Gadgets!

Well, I’ve been slowly blogging and twittering over at, here’s the Top 5 cool twitter hacked gadgets for this last week:

Botanicalls is a ethernet device that lets you monitor your plants via Twitter.  For example, if your plant needs to be watered, you will get a tweet for that.  I highly like this one as there’s going to be a slew of apps related with gardening for Twitter.

BakerTweet is a baking monitor device that uses Twitter to notify whether the bread has finished cooking or not.   As you can imagine, there’s so much things you can do with factory automation where there’s still some human input needed such as baking bread.

Tweeting Cat Door is my favorite, it lets you easily keep track of when your cat enters/leaves the house without you leaving the computer screen.

Twitter Washing Machine is probably the most practical way for you to keep track of when you laundry are done, especially if you use a public laundry room.

Tweet-A-Watt is a cool energy power-meter that will “tweet” your power consumption.   It comes as a DIY kit so you can learn all about electronics while you build it.

There’s plenty more and there will be plenty more, so check the Twitter Hacks category page often for updates on the latest Twitter hacks.


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