Knife DIY – How to Make a Machete!

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks on the road with my netbook and I have to say it’s rather a relief that I finally get to blog again on my 1600×1080 pixel LCD instead of the tiny 1024×600 pixel LCD on my netbook.

Anyways, there’s a cool new site that shows you how to make your own machete.  Just don’t chop off anyone’s arms after you make it plz!

Rather than get side-tracked with building a wood fired “Blade-Forge”, we opted to just use the “Master-Blaster” melting furnace…
In my mind I just want to see how doable this is, and if I’d ever want to do it again, so time & materials have near zero hourly or capital allocation, also because this is an un-scheduled project.
The furnace performs like a Champ, and once fully fired after 20 minutes or so, both R.C-M and I were hustling to keep-up to the fast cycle times between beating the metal and bringing it up to the heat that made it workable.

via hackedgadgets



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