Food Hack – How to Make Homemade Pesto Sauce!


As a former employee of PizzaHut, I have learned to enjoy the taste of pesto pizza.  Pesto sauce can be a good alternative to the regular tomato sauce on a pizza, especially if you have hard time eating acidic foods.

Anyways, today I found this awesome instructable that shows you how to make this pesto sauce, all homemade!

I am planning to make a homemade pesto pizza real soon so keep your eyes close for that later this week but enjoy making your homemade pesto sauce in the meanwhile.

Use the finest, freshest ingredients you can find, and I will assure you will amazed with the results.

* Basil – I used about 4oz.
* Parmesan cheese – time to splurge on the good stuff – avoid the stuff in a can! I used about 2/3 cup
* Pine nuts – 1/2 cup
* Garlic! I used 3 cloves. If you’re not a huge fan of the brashness of raw garlic, start with less and add more to taste. Get fresh, not that jarred stuff!
* Extra Virgin Olive Oil – not ‘virgin olive oil’, not ‘olive oil’, not ‘light olive oil.’ Get the BEST you can afford. All olive oil is not created equal, and the difference will astound you.

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