Coolest Gadget of the Day – Spy Camera Pen!

I have always been amazed at the price drops of laptops every year and that’s why I never spend more than $700 on a new laptop because I can get a decent one every year instead of being stuck with a $2000 laptop for 2-3 years.

Anyways, this post isn’t about how to buy a laptop but that spy camera prices have dropped drastically.  This cool spy camera pen sells for ONLY $26.45 at Amazon.  That is unbelievable because I know this type of product cost easily $300-400 just couple years ago nevermind it wasn’t easy to get.

The Spy Camera comes with 4 gigs of storage, emergency charger, and can record 640×480 pixels of video.  There’s no specs on how long the videos can be recorded but I imagine it’d be around 1-2 hours at that resolution, still not bad considering the price and functionality of the spy camera pen.

This spy camera can be perfect for protecting yourself against bad cops or just for spying on your competition.  Already I can think of dozen ideas to utilize this $26.45 spy camera, you should get one and play with it.

Price $26.45 on Amazon


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