DIY Wireless Solar Powered Google Calendar!

It seems that non other than a Google employee devised a new wiress solar-powered Google Calendar device that will save power and utilizes a “no power” LCD, meaning the LCD will only need power to update itself.

I think this type of device could truly cut down on the core duties at a corporation such as posting meetings.  By utilizing Google Calendar API, this little gadget can replace your paper alternatives.

Great stuff, keep ’em coming Googlers.

The Radish is normally in an ultra-low power sleep mode. The Cholesteric LCD screen can maintain the final image state even in sleep mode, the state in which Radish spends most of its time only periodically waking up to ping its server for updates. The gap between sleeping and waking is determined algorithmically depending on how much energy it currently has in storage. With the ingenuity of the power management algorithm, the Radish is exceedingly efficient with power usage. A fully charged Radish can be running continuously for 3-4 days with a guarantee of at least one daily update, even in low light conditions.

via hackaday



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