Russian Sidecar Motorcycle Boasts a V8 Engine!

Seeing cool motorcycles like these are the days I will want to go bash on the highway and do wheelies on my gixxer.  No, just kidding, I am not that good yet but heck, this V8 sidecar motorcycle might be just the killer getaway vehicle for those of  you thugs on the run. (via hackedgadgets)


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  1. Jonathan says:

    This V-8 motorcycle w/sidecar is very well designed all around. Do you know of any
    garage builder, etc. that can make a smaller version, using a V-4 powerplant from either a
    cheby, ford, or other GM. How about putting this engine in a modified HD chassis?, using
    extra mods for better transition?. If you know of anybody that can help me in this project,
    their experience, knowledge, etc. is very well appreciated. JJV

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