DIY Soda Can Robot “Robug” Kits for your Kids!


Rather than buying your kids something from ToysRUs, you might want to consider getting him/her one of these cool soda can robug kits that can transfrom any soda can into a soda can “robug”.

Explore the world of robotic science with the Soda Can Robug science kit from Green Science. Kids age 8 and up can recycle a soda can and turn it into a working robotic bug. Kids will be delighted to see it slide across the floor just like a real bug! It even makes a buzzing sound as it travels along. Kit includes plastic mechanic body, wire wings, wire legs, motor with wires, screws and detailed instructions. The Soda Can Robug is an imaginative way for children to explore mechanics and electricity. It’s also ideal for showing children creative ways to recycle everyday items. Ages 8 and up.

Price: $14.95 on Amazon

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