Thank you.


It’s been exactly 2 years, 7 months, and 26 days since this site was started.  In the beginning, this site wasn’t even a real blog, I used basic HTML code to create couple pages that looked like a blog.

Of course, after using WordPress and started covering more DIYs, HOWTOs, gadgets, and other cool tech stuff, we began to grow and grow.

As you can see, the initial traffic spike was caused by some of my earlier DIYs being dugg, dugg hard on Digg and made the front page couple of times, mainly thanks to Philip Torrone at Make magazine.

Our web traffic has almost reached that level on a consistent, daily basis and we want to THANK YOU EVERYONE who’s visited, commented, or even subscribed to our blog!

We will be upgrading the homepage soon to feature those early DIYs we made that got us the ground but in the meanwhile, you can check out the “original” Zedomax DIYs, where it all started here:

You can also download the free PDF open-source e-book that contains all these DIYs here.

5 Responses to Thank you.

  1. Alan Parekh says:

    Congrats on the growth, lets see where we are in another 3 years. 🙂

  2. David Allen says:

    Congrats, Max!

  3. max says:

    Yes, Thank you David! 🙂

  4. zedomax says:

    2 more to go!

  5. zedomax says:

    2 more to go!

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