Twitter Hack – How to Make a Twitter Power Meter!


Twitter has probably been the hottest growing social networking/microblogging service this year hands-down.  Needless to say, its uses are endless and great for the DIY community for tinkerers, makers and alike.

Without further due, I announce Lady Ada’s new Tweet-A-Watt power meter system so you will know exactly how much energy your “twittering” is costing you.

I did a detailed write-up over at the new Twitter Hacks blog, here’s a brief summary:

I remember meeting Lady Ada (@adafruit) at Maker Faire back in 2007, she was ALWAYS working on something new.  It seems that she just released a DIY kit called Tweet-A-Watt, a wireless power meter that will tweet your power usage to any desired Twitter account, you can see a demo here of it working live @tweetawatt.

The Tweet-A-Watt is basically composed of wireless RF XBee modules, Arduino (or even your computer, I do highly recommend Comfile’s CUBLOC modules too which are easily programmed in BASIC), USB FTDI module, and other electrical components.

For those of  you who want to monitor individual power outlets, this Tweet-A-Watt might be the perfect twattering tool.  I do also have to add that the kit is only $90, not a bad investment for a really fun Twitter Hack project.

via TweetHacking

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  1. zedomax says:

    Greeeat to hear!

  2. zedomax says:

    Greeeat to hear!

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