Surfing Hack – How to Surf in the Sand!

Surfing in the sand might be already a popular sport among the hardcore snowboarders and surfers alike.  I have too seen many snowboards on the sand but this Vipersand Sandboard is an entirely a new concept for revolutionizing surfing in the sand.

The special conditions on sand need specific equipment, hence this special board. “The front area is wide for more boosts in the sand and gets narrow in the back for aggressive maneuvers. The bottom side is slightly convex from nose to tail for an optimal float angle. The top side is vaulted therefore no sand amasses on the board and transfers more power from the foot to the board by the rampant angle. The foot loops assure an easy step in or out and transmit foothold and control of the board to the driver.” Apparently these loops can be fastened for Goofy or Regular riders.

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