X10 Control via iPhone!


X10 is the communication standard for automating your household electronic devices via the exisiting power line in your home.  X10 has always been popular for controlling your house lights, sprinklers, and whatnot but someone has a good demo video on how to control your X10 devices via an iPhone.  I don’t find this super-amusing since X10 has been implemented for web-enabled control and iPhone has a browser but if you didn’t know about X10 devices, this might be very useful information for your future home upgrades.

Xtenscape is a free Java based application for Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/Vista and intel-based Apple macs.  Just connect a CM11 / CM12 to your PC or Mac to easily shedule and control your X10 devices.

via hackedgadgets

Get the CM11/CM12 X10 controller here on Amazon

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