Nintendo Hack – How to Convert your PowerGlove into a Wiimote-like Thang!

Do you remember when the first Nintendo PowerGlove came out? It was like the tightest game controller ever.

Well, nowdays “nobody” uses a PowerGlove but here’s a guy who hacked it, added an accelerometer, and now functional just like a Wiimote, or maybe even better.

Over the past month, I’ve done just that. I stripped the guts out of an original Power Glove, replaced the ultrasonic sensors with an accelerometer, the proprietary microcontroller with an open-source Arduino, and the wired connection with Bluetooth. I wrote an input manager to get the data into Unity, and hooked it up to the boxing game Adam and I are making for iPhone, Touch KO. What’s more, I’ve documented the whole process so that you can make you own!

via biphenyl

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