Eco DIY – How to Make Fruit Bowl with Bamboo!



Bamboo has been undeniably the most eco-friendly choice for wooden products today.  According to Wikipedia, bamboo is the “fastest” growing wooden plant in the world today.

Of course, I have seen many many bamboo plants/trees in South Korea and other parts of Asia but is probably lacking here in San Francisco bay area. (I have yet to see a single naturally grown bamboo plant…)

If you are luck enough to live in the parts of the world where bamboo grows everywhere, please do make use of this awesome DIY and make yourself a cool fruit bowl.  Put some real fruit and give it to your elderly parents who will appreciate your hard DIY work and the fruits too of course.

This beautiful bowl is made of 20 layers of laser-cut bamboo tied together with copper wire.

I am posting it as an entry for the “Epilog Challenge”. It is a “green” product in that the design makes minimal use of materials.

via instructables

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  1. Laurie says:

    Great! I wish we were this ambitious -but if you want to make us one to showcase, we’d love it!


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