Savory Converts PDFs into your Kindle 2!


The Kindle 2 maybe one of the hottest and coolest gadgets this year.  Aside from its magnificent strategies to cut down on number of trees used for making books, the Kindle 2 is portable, energy efficient (with its LCD), and also free broadband connection via EDVO so you can buy and download digital versions of practically every new book that you’d normally get at your local bookstore.

Anyways, the only thing that SUCKS about the Kindle 2 is that you have to “buy” the books but here comes Savory, a PDF converter that will allow you to convert your PDFs in the computer and read them on your Kindle 2.  Of course, the conversion speed is still lacking as Engadget says with images but heck, that is better than nothing.

Savory is a native ebook conversion package for the Kindle 2. It lets you download and read PDFs and ePubs on the Kindle without a manual conversion step.

I think the next step is for Amazon to add features to the Kindle 2 so people can put their existing documents into the Kindle, easily, without using a 3rd party software.

The Kindle 2 now is actually pretty stable to buy as its firmware has been updated couple times for bugs and whatnot.  Kindle 2 also can pull dictionary instantly to the bottom of its pages and don’t forget its Text-to-Speech function, something that’s not possible for physical books nevermind this could be an awesome gadget for blind people too.

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