Twitter Hack – How to Keep Track of Your Cat with the Twitter Cat Door!


Most cat owners will realize that cats are “very” hard to keep track of.  What I mean is that your cat probably likes to hang out by himself/herself in the neighborhood and comes home for meals and whatnot.

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of living in a house (including me), but for those of you who do, you might just be able to benefit from making one of the cool Twitter Cat Door that will “tweet” whenever your cat uses the cat door.  (And yes, your cat’s friends might be detectable too by the way.)

I can just imagine myself working in front of my computer at home and receive a tweet that my darling cat has just come home for dinner, I can hide and surpise my cat! :p

Acutally don’t imagine, check out the cats Gus and Penny here live on Twitter by the makers:


“Penny is out for no reason”…LMAO.

Yes, Twitter is a service for family, friends, and your colleagues to communicate and stay in touch but it can also be a great way to notify you when your cat decides to leave and come home.

Twitter may have to start a new twitter service just for cats, let’s call it or somethin’.

I think Twitter may have finally hit on something, they are not only the telegraph of Web 2.0, it can also be hacked to serve as messaging system for Twitter Cat Door or even future security systems.

Each cat has a small RFID tag on the collar. When a cat is in the close proximity of the door, a small RFID reader reads the tag and if the cat is authorized, a servo will unlock the cat door. The RFID reader and the servo controller are connected to an old laptop. The software on the laptop is written in Delphi and for each “cat door event” is sending a Twitter message and a picture to

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  2. James says:

    What a great idea! Wonderful for any mad cat lovers who need to know the precise movements of their kitties at all times 🙂

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