Braille Label Maker!


I have to admit, San Francisco’s LightHouse, an informational station for the blind on Van Ness has always me thinking about brailles.  You probably know what I am talking about if you work in SF or you are a resident.

Anyways, the subject matter is a new design for braille label maker from a South Korean designer, way too cool, check out the pics.

Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

I would really like to see these at my local RiteAid drug stores.

Sighted friends, you have the advantage of picking Coke over Pepsi simply by picking red over blue. What will my sight-impaired friends do? Nothing much, but ask you to help out picking the preferred soda pop. However wouldn’t it be convenient for both if there was a label in Braille stuck to the can? Yup, that would be convenient!

Designers: Soonkyu Jang, Jieun Seo & Seung-un Kim

via yankodesign

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