Roku Digital Video Player Review!


For those of you looking for a cheaper alternative to cable box, you might just be lucky enough to get this Roku Digital Video Player.  Not only does it let you play Amazon On-Demand videos, it can also play Netflix videos too.

Of course, if you are overseas and you are paying top dollars on satellite TV just to watch American TV, this might be the perfect alternative for you.

  • 40,000+ movies and TV episodes available from Amazon Video On Demand
  • 12,000+ movies and TV episodes available with your Netflix subscription
  • Use your high-speed Internet connection to start watching movies in seconds
  • Connecting is easy – both Wi-Fi and Ethernet are built in
  • Works with virtually any TV – old or new – including HDTVs

Above is a video review from CNet.

Price: $99.99 on Amazon

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