CUPC-P80 – Developmental UMPC?


Here’s another cool device CuPC-P80, a sorta developmental UMPC, it almost reminds me of a PSP with Windows XP loaded on it.

This device runs on 12VDC, which means it can easily be hooked up to your car, I see a lot of potential using it as in-car PC.  Just hook up some USB GPS and broadband modem and you got a mobile station right there on your car.

This CuPC-P80 runs AMD Geode LX800 500Mhz processor, 512MB of DDR, and 4GB of Flash harddrive.

It also comes with bunch of serial ports and RS485 for industrial automation but heck, I think you can easily turn this thing into a portable netbook, sorta.

4 Responses to CUPC-P80 – Developmental UMPC?

  1. pokerface says:

    wow!! wide and big screen.. nice innovation..

  2. roundabouut says:

    yeah I agree, really cool stuff

  3. yeah I agree, really cool stuff

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