Verizon Hub Review, Is It Really Necessary?


Verizon is trying to market the new “home” communication center unit, the Verizon Hub.  Basically it’s a netbook, sorta, packed with broadband modem and ability to surf online plus many other features.

I think this is a really GREAT idea except it’s too far ahead of its time.  You have to be at the RIGHT TIME at the RIGHT PLACE and Verizon might be doing well in 2010 but I simply don’t see this taking off anytime this year, especially since this is the first version.  Of course, Apple-like marketing could deceptively please people but don’t go there Verizon, we will be there to put the stake through your heart. 🙂

Should you get one?  Yes, if you have money to throw down the toilet, it’s an exaggerated digital photo frame at the very best, even the PC Magazine editors rated 2.5 out of 5, which means it’s simply not there yet.

When not in use for communication, the Hub becomes a digital photo frame, capable of cycling through images as a slideshow, or as a screen saver after 5, 10, or 30 minutes of inactivity. You can send images to the frame from a Verizon Wireless phone as a picture message, or upload up to 200 at a time through the Hub Web site. Images are rescaled and compressed, but are not resized to fill the display.

When I first booted my Hub, there were already over a dozen updates ready to be installed, with the Internet radio widget included in the batch. Verizon says future updates may bring a Web browser and improved integration among mobile devices and Web-based services, as well as additional Internet radio stations. The device includes a pair of USB 2.0 ports, but currently, they can be used only for charging compatible devices such as cell phones or MP3 players. Additional functionality may be included in a future update.

via pcmagazine

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