Blackberry So Secure that Criminals Like to Use Its Encryption Technology!


It’s interesting to note that Blackberries may be pretty secure, so long as you are using the Enterprise Server, which I don’t.

I don’t believe that the Blackberries are THAT secure, it’s a machine, you simply can’t rely too much on machines.  I am sure there’s a better way to secure your data but for right now, I do agree using Blackberry Enterprise Server might be the smartest thing for thugs and drug dealers alike to do.

So if you are a high-profile gangster, make sure to get that Blackberry, not the iPhone.

Developed by Research in Motion (RIM), the BlackBerry Enterprise Server works on a secure network that encrypts data. It was designed with the intention of keeping the security legitimate business communications intact. Faced against such a highly secure means of transmitting of information, however, it’s near impossible for law enforcement to listen in on and nab suspected criminals. The roadblocks have undoubtedly lead to the upward trend in gangs and other malefactors choosing the BlackBerry over other devices, where conversations can be more easily intercepted.

via gizmodo

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