Black Drum Set!


I am an avid drummer who doesn’t own a real drum set.  Of course, I would get one eventually when I have more room in my apartment, (which is never) but I just found a great deal on some drum sets.  This one isn’t the top-of-the-line but heck, I am not a professional drummer and this is probably what I need to get started drumming seriously.

This would make a great gift for kids too who want to learn drums.

Perfect for the aspriing drummmer, young or adult. We are impressed with the quality on these Full Size sets and we know you wil be too! The Nato Mahogany shells and 20 Lugs on the Bass Drum are features typically found only on much more expensive sets! Assembly is required. This set will last you for years to come and sounds great by itself or when you play with your band! VOTED NUMBER #1 DRUM SET BY SOUND RETAILERS MAGAZINE FOR 2007!! Drum Set Online names this the Best Value Drum Set for 2008!! Look at these AMAZING features: # 5 1/2″ x 14 All Chrome 6 lug Snare drum # 22″x14″ 20 Lug Bass Drum # Power rack toms 10″x12″ and 11″x13″ # 16″x16″ Floor tom! # 2-14″ Hi-Hat Cymbals # 1-16″ Ride Cymbal # DOUBLE BRACED- Snare Stand # DOUBLE BRACED – Cymbal Stand # DOUBLE BRACED- Hi-Hat Stand # Chain Driven Bass drum pedal # Drummer’s Throne Included!!! # Drum sticks # Drummers Key

Price: $269.96 on Amazon

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