Wireless Water Meters in Effect in New York City!


Here’s an interesting news that New York City will be implementing wireless water meters coupled with internet monitoring capability, which will allow New York citizens to know “exactly” how much water they are using and only pay for how much they’ve used.  I have to agree traditional water meters have not been too accurate plus manpower required to check those meters on a monthly basis have been too costly.  We hope to see these wireless water meters in other metropolitan cities as well such as San Francisco, Dallas, Chicage, etc…etc…

Gone will be the practice of relying on Con Edison workers to estimate water bills every three months. Instead, homeowners and small businesses will find that the new system, powered by wireless technology, will offer data on exact use on a monthly basis, and the data will be available on the Internet. “No more, no less, and no surprises,” Mr. Bloomberg said at a news conference at the Brooklyn Brewery, one of the first companies to install the system.

via engadget

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