Veranda Solar Cells provide Free Solar Power for Apartments!


Here’s a really cool solar cell device that will latch and hang from your apartment’s window and give you some free solar power.  Great idea indeed but I hope the latching system is secure enough so it doesn’t fall on bystanders’ head and you know what that means, lawsuits and no more solar cells hanging off buildings.

It’s called Veranda Solar, and it promises to eventually provide solar energy to apartment and condo dwellers by hanging attractive solar panels out windows and balconies. About the size of a DirecTV dish, these Veranda solar panels hope to at least supplement the energy used by an apartment thereby lowering energy costs and helping with demand. They promise to be easy to install with a snap together design, as well as a “plug and play” setup. But to date, there isn’t any data on how effective or efficient these small solar panels will be as they’re still in development. But if they can get the idea going, it could really help those who can’t afford a solar investment in the multi thousands but who still want to do their part if getting more green.

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  1. P.R.Balakrishna says:

    We ahve an apartment with more tah 100 flats and vast are of garedn and basement parking. It is at LBS nagar, Bangalore-17.
    Can I have addresses of persons providng solar energy for lighting garde, basement and for operating pumps?

  2. manishfusion says:

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