Home DIY – How to Make a Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hook!


here’s an awesome DIY that shows you how to make a concrete lightbulb wall hook that you can make from used lightbulbs and make your home looks even more stylish with greyed-out lightbulbs that can hold a lot of pounds.

I’ve been playing around, trying to make a concrete lightbulb. Why? Because I find the contrast of blending a new material like concrete in an everyday shape like a lightbulb to be a great design element. So while messing around with these guys, I realized this would be a great excuse to drive lag bolts into my wall for hooks. By embedding a lag bolt into the concrete lightbulb, I could make a wall hook that was useful enough to handle anything I wanted to hang off it. Thus this project was born.

via instructables

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  1. Angelb says:

    It can be turn into doorknob or a house display such a creative work of art, well I think this video will keep you interested too http://bit.ly/5N7e6S

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