Tablet Hack – How to Turn your Laptop into a Tablet Notebook!


With Hanwha’s Duo, you can easily turn your regular ol’ laptop into a tablet notebook.  There’s some hardware involved but if you are sitting at your desk most of the time, this might be the perfect solution for drawing in Photoshop during your free time. (or for freelance work too.)

Hanwha Japan has just introduced its incredibly useful Duo for Laptop device, which sits gently atop one’s laptop display and tracks digital pen movements via Infrared and ultrasonic technology in order to add doodling functionality to LCDs that were never designed to understand touch input. The only limitation — and it’s a big one — is that this seems to only work with lappies possessing up to a 15.4-inch display. If that’s kosher with you, you can snap one up for ¥9,980 ($101), or if not, you can just wait ’til these are announced for netbooks, ultraportables and desktop replacements.

via engadget

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