Save Earth – Shopping Online is Greener for the Environment!


It’s common sense that shopping online reduces CO2 and saves carbon footprint and it’s better for the environment.


Well, think of it this way, if every retail store shipped their products from one central warehouse location instead of hauling products to each and every retail store using pollution-causing big rig trucks, there would be a LOT of less gas spent of transportation.  (You can take a look at Keetsa, another example of online business that primarily relies on compact packaging and central warehouse shopping.)

Besides saving earth, shopping online usually means cheaper price tag for most items, you just have to wait a little longer for the shipping.

Heck, take a look at Amazon, they have almost every well-known brand, always slightly cheaper than retail prices.

According to study carried out by researchers at the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, it turns out that online shopping is greener than visiting the stores in person, in fact it is significantly environmentally friendly in some cases up to twenty four times greener than conventional shopping. This only works with single items, when it comes to food shopping we have to suppose that the debate is still open.

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