Laptop New Roundup from our Laptop Blog!

Well, I have to admit to being lazy on the subject of laptops, so here’s a round-up of all the stuff worth taking a look about laptops:

Read about Dell Adamo review here, fake MacBooks spotted, and Sotec C103 is a new contender in the netbook market.

Viewsonic is also getting in the mini-laptop market, check out Viewsonic’s new mini-laptops here.

MSI Wind U100+ netbook review is here, I guess it’s only available in South Korea right now.

Phew, we got even MORE mini-laptops from new manufacturers like Dospara!

UK-based Zoostorm Mini-laptop review here, this is a netbook extravaganza!

For kids, CTL 9″ mini-laptops look pretty decent.  Also, don’t forget to check out the new ASUS Eee PC Touchscreen Tablet review, this is going to be the ultimate tablet netbook ever.

More reviews:

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