Laptop Lift Stickers!


One of the main reasons why your laptop dies after a year of use is usually related with your CPU fan and heat.

Laptop manufacturers have been making laptops with fans on the bottom and if you place it on a flat surface, that can be a big source of heat problems.

There’s a lot of laptop stands out there but I see a simpler solution with these Laptop Lift Stickers that will raise your laptop slightly off those flat surfaces, allowing longer life.

If you have a laptop with fans coming out of the bottom, you will definitely make it last longer with this small investment.

Laptop Lifts are designed especially for the punishment that mobile laptop computer use can dish out. The unique shape and large size (6″/15.25cm and 2″/5cm) resist side to side force and will not pop off. The special adhesive has superior grip strength and has been tested to over 240°F/115°C. However, they can be removed using only your fingertips. Use your laptop on the tiniest coffee shop table or airline tray: it will not slip thanks to the large soft rubber feet. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Laptop Lifts will not come off until you take them off or your money back!

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