Home DIY – How to Save 10-25% Energy in your Home using VegaWatt!


Vegawatt is a new vegetable oil burning system that will recycle all your old vegetable into usable electrical power.  I highly like this idea as it can possibly save up to 10-25% of your home’s energy.  I just wish I had a house then I would definitely install this in my (future) garage.

If you are a homeowner, make sure to bookmark this page so you can get one of these when it’s available for order.

The Vegawatt™ is a supplemental system. We tie into the existing electricity and hot water systems and provide additional energy. Any energy provided by the Vegawatt™ does not need to be purchased from the local electric or gas utilities.

No, we can’t provide all the electricity and hot water needed to power a restaurant. Our goal is to capture the most energy possible from the oil that a foodservice location produces. Typically we produce 10% to 25% of the electricity needed by a restaurant.

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