Bike DIY – How to Make a Bike Seat Cover that Looks like a Condom!


I do remember giving up on my bike while going to college, simply due to the fact that Police in Davis are not as bike-friendly.  (Davis, California is one of the only cities in California that forces you to get a BIKE PERMIT otherwise you can easily get a BIKE parking ticket.  What a bunch of jokes, that’s why I started skateboarding after receiving my first bike parking ticket for $40, no more biking there.  Fu** the David Police and the City Officials who made those stupid laws that don’t help skateboarders.  I know being a bike-friendly city is great but it’s not when all the students are paying for the ticket.  I am glad that police in San Francisco have better things to do than go after bikes.)

Enough of my past history, here’s how to make a “waterproof” bike seat cover that resembles a condom. (and probably get more chicks’ attention too)

During the Fall semester I started riding my bike to school and learned I hated riding in the rain after a seven hour class. I dreaded the idea of riding in the rain with a wet bike seat causing me to stand while pedaling. Luckily, being surrounded by Low density polyethylene (LDPE) cutoffs in the studio I began experimenting with vacuum forming this material to create a reusable bicycle seat cover that is durable, flexible, and waterproof.

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  1. Morgan says:

    Awesome, show me more!

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