3rd Party iPod Headphones will require Apple Authentication Chip!

Are you kidding me?  I just did a complete review of the new Apple In-ear Headphones and how they do NOT work on most iPods and Apple wants to make money off other companies making volume/mic function for their headphones.  I know it’s a recession, but this is going WAY too far, knock it off Apple, you need to do the opposite in these hard financial times.

Oh god, please no, Apple already has made enough money selling songs, let’s not forget that iPods are like the only non-MP3 MP3 player.

I am sure this evil plan will make more money for Apple but I just think it’s really cheating the consumers as we end up paying for crappier gadgets.

Boo!  Think again Apple, I am really turned off now. :p

Sigh, it looks like Apple’s habit of squeezing iPod accessory manufacturers for license fees has now extended to freaking headphonesiLounge is reporting that the new iPod shuffle can only be controlled by headphones with a special hardware authentication chip. That means that third parties will have to pay Apple for the privilege of making shuffle-compatible accessories, and you can bet they’ll just pass that cost right on to consumers — we wouldn’t expect any cheap headphone adapters or inexpensive replacement headphones for the littlest iPod.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dont worry, they went back to their old design.

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