Shoe Hack – How to Turn your Old Work Boots/Dress Shoes into Slippers!


I own a bunch of old dress shoes that I want to throw away but I do have a lot of attached memories such as my first boots at my first job after college.  Well, the answer is clear and you don’t have to throw them away!

Cut the back and use them as in-home “luxury” slippers.  What a great idea, I am gonna do this today, you should too and send me pics of your new slippers to zedomax [at] gmail dot com.

step 1 materials
1.Old boots 2.Strong scissors or sharp knife 3.Glue

step 2 cutting the top of
Remove the laces.(on the photo i didn’t because i made this instructable after the shoes,on the pic are my newest boots.) I didn’t , but you could mark where you wanne cut.…

step 3 glue it together
Put the laces in and try to get a nice fit and tie the laces. They should fit perfect if you’ve worn them to work. Glue the watershield together so it won’t com loose anymo…

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