My Apple Feedback on Apple In-Ear Headphones


Well, I just returned my Apple In-Ear Headphones to the Apple Store mainly due to the fact that there’s not enough bass compared to my cheaper $30 Sony MDr-Ex earbuds.

Apple sent me if I wanted to give them feedback so I did and here’s what I wrote to them just now:
(I hope Steve Jobs reads this and makes the new headphones better with more bass and people don’t really need all that Volume/Mic stuff, it only works on the new iPods anyways.  Maybe they will send me some samples for their new prototypes so I can review them here on the blog! )

I had to return the Apple In-Ear Headphones because the earbuds were not easy to fit my ears unlike my Sony MDr-Ex earbuds.  Plus, bass was lacking.

I like the cases though and the earbud speakers are nice too since they are metal.

Overall, I think the In-Ear headphones need more improvement to be competitive with other earbuds on the market.

I like Apple but products like this turn away because the outside looks nice but it simply doesn’t perform for the money I pay.  It should perform better than my $30 Sony MDr-Ex earbuds.

However, I was very pleased at your checkout process, handheld Windows CE units are always impressive at the Apple store, regardless of the Windows part.  I am not a big Windows fan but was very pleased that I could buy stuff very quickly and also return stuff very quickly as I had my receipt on my Blackberry GMail client.

Overall, pricing shouldn’t be so high for these new In-Ear Headphones, especially since Apple has begun to make them, they are too crude in comparison to many, many other earbuds on the market.

Here’s a review I did on my blog:

I would be happy if you could send me samples of your new products in the future although I can only guarantee an honest opinion of a consumer.

This will also go on my blog so… I hope you guys make Apple earbuds better in the future so I don’t have to return them. 🙂

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