Foot DIY – How to Fix Athlete’s Foot with Urine!


Are you suffering from athlete’s foot?  The symptoms may never go away unless you treat it right.

For one, you should be trying to get out of your shoes whenever possible to let your foot breath.  If you sit in a cubicle all day, you are prone to “grow” your athlete’s foot until it gets too ugly.

Second, try “peeing” urine on your foot while in the shower.  Urine has acidic liquids that will kill the germs in athlete’s foot.  I know, it sounds stupid and I thought the same thing too until I started regularly “peeing” on my foot, and my God, my athlete’s foot has vanished!

It was actually an advice from one of my redneck friends and have to say it’s a life saver.

Of course, you will have to keep urinating on yourself until you are completely cured so don’t forget to pee on your foot when you shower!

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