Fantasy DIY – How to Rob a Diamond Vault!


Well, I am not saying you should rob anything including diamond vaults and banks but here’s an interesting write-up of how Leonardo Notarbartolo, who was convicted of robbing the Antwerp Diamond Center vault of $100 million worth of inventory, has explained how to rob a diamond vault.

Well, all security systems have flaws, this proves how vulnerable even the most secure vaults in the world are.

At first, Notarbartolo was confused. He seemed to be standing in the vault antechamber. To his left, he saw the vault door. He was inside an exact replica of the Diamond Center’s vault level. Everything was the same. As far as Notarbartolo could tell, the dealer had reconstructed it based on the photographs he had provided. Notarbartolo felt like he had stepped into a movie.

Inside the fake vault, three Italians were having a quiet conversation. They stopped talking when they saw the dealer and Notarbartolo. The dealer introduced them, though Notarbartolo refuses to reveal their names, referring to them only by nicknames.

The Genius specialized in alarm systems. According to the dealer, he could disable any kind of alarm.

“You can disable this?” Notarbartolo asked, pointing at the replica vault.

“I can disable most of it,” the Genius said with a smile. “You’re going to have to do one or two things yourself, though.”

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