Garden DIY – How to Make a Dry Rock “Zen” Garden!


For the weirdest reasons, I have been inclining towards gardening and related howtos.  Here’s a cool DIY you can follow that shows you to recycle your old barn into a dry rock “Zen” garden.  It looks pretty good to me, great source of information if you are thinking about doing something similar.

When our century old barn became too too dangerous to use anymore we had a salvage company remove as much of the old board and beams as possible.

It’s nice to think our old board will have a new life as an upscale floor someplace, but we were left with a terrible mess of crumbling granite foundation walls and splintered waste board.

This is how we changed an eyesore into a place every visitor wants to see. It required lots of our labour but not much cost or new material as we reused almost everything to make our Zen garden literally rise from the ashes.

via instructables

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