Diamond-studded BlackBerry Bold The Tellor for Bling Bling!

I am not a big fan of diamond-studded cellphones, I honestly think it’s waste of valuable resources but this diamond-studded Blackberry Bold makes me think twice.  What’s up with the AZERTY keyboard?  Is that for another country???  (Excuse my ignorance, I live in the USA)

This is definitely a bling-bling I can replace with my Blackberry 8830.

For those BlackBerry owners who are contemplating sticking with this minimalist business phone might consider this blinged “Tellor” version, which is paved with a total of 205 diamonds. Besides, the phone is available in a variety of custom designs: Celtic cross, initials, you can choose to customize it as you wish. And, you can choose from the choices of skins: ostrich, stingray, lizard, and alligator. Both QWERTY or AZERTY keyboards are available.

via bornrich

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