City DIY – How to Treat a Homeless Person!

When I used to work near downtown San Francisco couple years back, I used to make friends with couple homeless people.  What I’ve found out during our friendship was probably more valuable than anything you could learn from Stanford or Harvard MBA.  (It’s true, the real secrets of life are learned outside school, outside the box.)

Anyways, I used to just hook up one of my homeless friends with food everyday and he would hook me up with some free stuff such as portable bluetooth headsets or anything I needed it, he knew everyone in the downtown area to get it for free or at a whopping discount.

Now, one day I “accidently” referred to him as “homeless”.  He corrected me, “I am a mobile traveler.”

Well, I think that’s well said as now I feel that way.  I am never home anymore, sleeping over at friend’s and family’s houses, getting my blogging done without my big desktop PC with a super large LCD screen.  And I am, “a mobile traveler”.

It should have come to my common sense that people don’t like being referred to as “homeless”.

In a sense, my so-called “homeless” friend was really a mobile traveler who loved his way of life.  I asked him and he said he wanted to be a “mobile” traveler and not worry about anything.  This guy even graduated from UC Berkeley so I can’t really say this guy can’t live a normal life, he simply decided to live his own.

In all, I think there’s the real homeless, who can’t help themselves or simply crazy, and the other the mobile travelers.

So next time you think you see a homeless person, don’t treat him like one unless he’s begging or simply crazy.

Also read up on how to serve a homeless person.

Do you have ideas on homeless people?  Guest Blog it here.

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