Best Wireless Mouse Review!

One of the biggest pet-peeves I have is to have to “best” mouse available.  I do this through trial and error, not by price.

Today, I will review some of the best wireless mice on the market.

First, let me tell you that you need a “laser” mouse, not an “optical” mouse.  The “laser” mouse can practically work on any surface including your hardwood floor, sofa, boat, etc…etc…  On the other hand, an optical mouse only works on perfectly flat and visible surfaces.

So, you need to buy a “laser” wireless mouse if you are going to buy one.

I’ve tried a bunch of Microsoft wireless mice and I have to say they all suck because most of them are optical. (But yes, Microsoft’s wired optical mouse is “really” good and my favorite wired mouse)

One of my friend’s uncle works at Logitech and I received one of the first wireless “laser” mouse from him as a gift about 1 year and a half ago. (I think)

That mouse I received as a gif was the Logitech VX Nano and boy did it work great.  For 19 years before that, I didn’t buy a Logitech mouse because I had some problems with them back in 1989.  Well, I guess things change and I have to say Logitech makes the best wireless mice today.

This Logitech VX Nano is slightly smaller than regular mouse but it’s great if you need a small USB receiver and you are a road-warrior like me.

This mouse is rather pricey at $49.99 but definitely worth it if you are a road-warrior who needs a small mouse that works on any surface, wirelessly.

Another feature I need to mention is that all Logitech mice work right away without installing any additional software, a plus if you use multiple computers/laptops like me.

Price: $49.99 on Amazon

Another good Logitech mouse is the Logitech V450 Nano, this one is slightly larger and probably better fit for desktop users.

Price: $37.95 on Amazon

For even slightly larger, you can go with the regular Logitech V450, cheaper than the rest too.

Price: $29.25 on Amazon

In all, I like the new Logitech mouse series since the radio receiver works great too, especially if you connect your laptop/PC to your HDTV and need long range workability.

Logitech has really come back from dead with their new wireless laser products, I can say that I am a customer again after 19 years of abstinence.

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  1. Dudeman says:

    I am a current user of the Logitech V450 and I found this page while searching for a replacement. This mouse is terrible. Clicks are often not registered and the movement is laggy. It isn’t due to poor receiver position, as i have adjusted that heavily and now have the receiver plugged in a mere foot or so away on top of my desk and still have the issues. I’ve tried multiple surfaces as well as other computers and have the same issues. Especially when it comes to gaming, this mouse is virtually unusable.

    My recommendation, stay far away from the V450.

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