Oyster Wave Energy Converter!

San Francisco will be investing some of its tax dollars to wave energy and boy, do we have the perfect gadget for that, an Oyster Wave Energy Converter!

I won’t get into details here other than that it looks very promising and will produce a LOT of energy that might simply wasted as waves for surfers.

When moved by waves, the device’s double acting pistons push seawater ashore via high pressure flow lines, where it is converted to power using tried and true hydroelectric generators. Since the hydroelectric plant is located onshore, it is accessible for maintenance 24-7. According to the company, peak power should be around 300-600 kw, depending on the unit’s configuration and location. The first prototype is to be deployed off the coast of Orkney this summer, where we’ll see if it can transform high tides and abnormal weather patterns into juice for your Xbox.

via engadget

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